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Although the NARS Cosmetics line began with a handful of lipsticks, they are known for having the best blushes.  Their iconic NARS Orgasm blush is their most popular.  I use the NARS Deep Throat blush ( a more pinky peach version), and also have NARS Luster for golden looks, and the NARS Malibu multiple.

For  a few people some of the NARS' colour names come across as offensive; but the intent, I think, is to be empowered and to embrace the "don't be so serious; it's only makeup" philosophy.  (Also, a fabulous marketing strategy to give the magazines an interesting/cheeky story.)  From my research, the NARS cosmetics development is very unique in that the product name is often if not always created first and then the colour is developed to suit the name.  I think this would allow for a more limitless and creative colour generation.  Kinda cool!

The NARS brand also professes this season that there are no rules to makeup.  But, for myself I would like to develop some skills and experience before getting all creative.

For highlighting I was recommended NARS Nico; but I also have from a promotion the NARS Albatross Torrid highlighting duo (a little too much for me most of the time, but can be fun).

Below is a professional NARS video on how to colour and contour cheeks:

... Joan made me do it.

NARS Cosmetics

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