Today's Makeup Look 23

NARS Calanque  (platinum, caramel, bronze) caramel colour around eye and on lid extending lightly to brow bone; bronze colour used on lid lightly.
NARS Exotic Dance (metallic gold with brown; metallic white) white shade pressed next to nose near inside of eye and lightly above crease from mid-eye outward; gold all over lid and under eye
NARS Calanque  (platinum, caramel, bronze) bronze colour used on outer triangle.
NARS Luster (golden apricot) brushed along cheek bone.
NARS Laguna (brown gold) bronzer in number 3 pattern.
NARS Blondie  (light taupe) eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows.
NARS Volumizing Larger Than Life mascara - lots.
NARS Night Breed  (black) lightly line the top of eye and between top and bottom lashes.
lip balm

... Joan made me do it.

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