Tonight's Makeup Look 33 - Wedding Reception Guest

NARS Cap Vert (medium bronzer) Multiple on eyes, contour under cheek bone and in blending out to number 3 pattern.
NARS Loose Powder (Eden) brushed all over face.
NARS Laguna (brown gold) bronzer in number 3 pattern and patted left over on brush onto eyes.
NARS Orgasm (golden peachy pink) brushed onto apples of cheeks and blended subtly along cheekbone.  Patted left over on eyes.
NARS Copacabana (pearlescent) Multiple as highlight on top of cheek and up towards temple, nose, chin, and highpoint of brow arch.
NARS Bellissima (subtle shimmering beige and matte gray-brown) used the matte gray-brown to draw messy/hazy line all around eyes and placed shimmering beige as highlight to brighten next to nose on inner corner of eyes and under the highest point of the brow arch.
NARS Loose Powder (Eden) brushed all over face to set.
NARS Volumizing Larger Than Life mascara used lots and was sure to take the time to get every lash.
NARS Pandora  (matte black) placed in between top and bottom lashes using the Push eyeliner brush.
NARS Blondie  (light taupe) eyeshadow to lightly fill in eyebrows.
Rosebud lip balm on lips.

black dress
art deco earrings

... Joan made me do it.

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