Today's Makeup Look 8

NARS Mambo (chocolate brown) eyeliner pencil blended lightly around eye and smudged as eyeshadow base colour
NARS Laguna (brown gold) bronzer on cheek and contour in classic NARS number 3 pattern shown in earlier blogged video.
NARS Kuala Lampur (rose gold and boysenberry gold) darker shade on lid and blended under eye; lighter colour blending in the crease and to highlight along half of lash-line.
NARS Bengali  (brown) eyeshadow at base of eyelashes
NARS Hopi Velvet Gloss (beige) lip pencil
NARS Turkish Delight gloss (cool pink) to highlight centre of lip
NARS Volumizing Larger Than Life mascara

... Joan made me do it.

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