MAC 212 Flat Definer Brush versus NARS Number 2 Push Eyeliner brush

As a second follow-up to my earlier post on makeup brushes.

The NARS Number 2 brush  (NARS Push Eyeliner brush) was the other brush recommended to me by James, International NARS makeup artist, for placing shadow between my eyelashes.  I already owned the MAC 212 brush but wanted to try the recommendation.

I did a quick look comparison of the two brushes:
First the NARS brush handle, as mentioned in my last post below, is substantial but a little more elegant and longer than my comparable MAC 212 brush.  The brush/hair on the NARS #2 is much more tightly packed and the hairs are rigid or stiff on the NARS Push Eyeliner (NARS #2) brush than on the MAC 212.  On closer inspection, the MAC 212 brush doesn't appear to actually use the metal collar to hold the brush hairs, and I suspect glue is used to hold the brush hairs together instead.  Again the costs are comparable (27.00CAD versus 26.00USD for NARS).

My quick performance test was simple:
Lightly wiggle the tips of each brush in a black matte shadow (NARS Pandora).  Touch and wiggle lightly the brush on my arm creating 3 touching (brush-long) line segments. _ _ _

RESULT:  The NARS #2 does an unquestionable better job.  The black line is deep black and fine using the NARS Push Eyeliner (NARS #2) brush versus the wider more diffuse (comparatively grey) line using the MAC 212 brush.  A fantastic purchase!!
... Joan made me do it.
NARS Cosmetics

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