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I think buying cheap makeup brushes is a waste.  They are something that you will re-use and can last a lifetime if cared for properly (how to: Cleaning Makeup Brushes blog).  And the proper tool in any job can make a world of difference.
I started my makeup brush collection with a set of 5 short-handled brushes from MAC that came with a nice case for storage and travel.  MAC Cosmetics generally releases several brush sets once year with limited quantities for ~$55 CAD (very reasonable given the cost of individual brushes).  And a really nice way to get some pretty makeup tools to play with.

My first MAC Short-handled Travel Makeup Brush Set (baby blue):

  1. 242 SE (concealer or creamy product brush),
  2. 224 SE (blending brush)
  3. 316 SE (316 lip brush)
  4. ~ 208 angled brow brush
  5. 129 SE (powder/blush brush)

MAC Single Makeup Brush purchases and deemed essentials:
  1. 239 eye shader brush
  2. 219 eye pencil brush (small domed brush; I wonder how this compares to the NARS #14 brush)
  3. 212 flat definer brush (I wonder how this compares to the NARS Push Eyeliner brush .. on my want but don't need list)
  4. 217 (eye blending)
  5. 187 (for light-weight powder application ....not really an essential, but a good idea at the time - purchased on a trip to New York City)

... I found myself needing a second domed brush for a second lighter colour some mornings when cleaning the brush in the moment would not work...
So, I waited for the MAC travel brush sets to come out and picked up a travel bag with a domed brush and some other great tools:

  1. 187 SE (light application powder brush)
  2. 168 SE (large angled contour brush - love this!)
  3. 252 SE (large shader brush)
  4. 219 SE (small domed brush)
  5. 209 SE (eyeliner brush)

If I could do it again I would get only these makeup brushes:

2 x small domes brushes (consider NARS #14 small domed eye brush)
1 x angled eyebrow brush
1 x standard blush brush
1 x powder brush (I don't have one ... maybe NARS Botan brush or Bronzing brush - I will have to inquire further  .... update I got the NARS Yachiyo brush)
1 x shader brush (239)
1 x eye-blending brush (217)

So, 8 makeup brushes I think is absolutely needed ... I have 15; I guess that's not so bad ... we learn through mistakes and "waste", which in essence is not a waste because something is learnt :-)

NARS Cosmetics

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