Fabulous Skin Healing Product

I have intolerant and allergic skin, so finding something that "works" and doesn't aggravate the issue has been a lifetime work in progress.

Part of living fabulous is having great support which includes a great hair stylists.  After years of searching for a great salon I found WorldSalon.  Here my stylists recommended worldPRODUCT for my hair and as a promotion he suggested worldBELIEVE as an everything for everyone cure all.  I thought it was strange to get a skin healing balm at the hair salon, but was so happy with finally having a great hair cut that I just rolled with it.

worldBELIEVE is amazing: heals red dry skin, blemishes, scratches everything it touches turns lovely :-)
I have an inkling that the secret is the first ingredient: "sesame oil" - "the Queen of all oils" (anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin E).

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