Looking Fabulous

I never spent the time to play with makeup and beauty regimes.  Sure I've bought eyeshadows and put them on, but I've never spent the time to learn how to be fabulous at it.  I guess I thought for those important life moments I could get someone else to help me look my best; but more recently I think this is something important one should learn for themselves.  No one else will ever care as much about your face as you.

To be fabulous and treat yourself fabulous you need to invest the time to learn.
I believe everyone if they have the desire and a decent work ethic can learn any skill.  In other words, how can anyone believe that they "just don't have the talent/skill" and therefore "can't"?  The fact is all skills develop from interest and I'm interested in treating myself well and taking the time to care for myself by investing in my own beauty.  Superficial criticism aside, there are very few if anyone who honestly does not want to be beautiful.

... Joan made me do it.

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