Cleaning Makeup Brushes

It's very important to keep makeup brushes clean.  The consequences of not looking after your makeup brushes are costly: destroying your brushes, causing eye infections, causing skin breakouts, and contributing to dirty makeup that is hazardous and needs to be replaced.    By keeping your makeup tools clean your makeup will stay clean; and you can safely keep and use the products longer.

I clean my brushes at least once a week and always use them on clean skin.

Cleaning makeup brushes is quite easy.  You can use your everyday hair shampoo and conditioner to wash the brushes which is arguably a better than using a commercial makeup brush cleaner that may be an irritant to your skin and may contain alcohol which will dry out your brushes.

How to quickly clean your makeup brushes:
  1. Lay a clean towel down on a flat surface.
  2. Put a glob of shampoo in one hand.
  3. With the other hand grab each makeup brush one at a time and dip into a bit of the shampoo and lay them in a line beside the sink.
  4. Then turn the tap on low at a luke warm-cool temperature.
  5. Use the hand that previously had shampoo in it as a wash puddle: cup water in the palm and gently swirl the soapy makeup brushes in it to clean, rinse under the water, swirl in palm, and rinse until all the soap is out of the brush.  Squeeze the water out of the brush, shape the brush bristles and then lay the makeup brush flat on the towel.  Repeat for each makeup brush.
      6.  Be careful to keep the water and soap on only the hair and or synthetic bristles of the makeup brush and do not soak the wood handles or you will ruin your makeup brushes.
      7.  Lay your makeup brushes flat to dry in order to keep the wood handles dry and maintain the shape of your makeup brushes.

It works best for me to clean my brushes after washing all my makeup off (NARS Cleansing Oil Review) and before going to sleep so that they are ready in the morning.  I clean my makeup brushes at least once a week but I have read that it is advised to wash your makeup brushes once every 2-3 days.

For more information about makeup brushes see my earlier blog on Makeup Supplies.

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