Modified Chicken in Milk Recipe p.183 of Happy Days with the Naked Chef

I've made this roast chicken recipe before, true to the directions, and it smells and tastes awesome.  This evening instead of using a whole chicken I took a club pack of 5 chicken breasts and fried them together in the frying pan with butter, oil, salt & pepper.  Meanwhile I tossed into a ceramic stove-to-table baking pot: the milk, 10 unpealed garlic cloves, sage, cinnamon stick, and zested the lemons; adding the zest to the pot.  The oven at this time reached temperature and the chicken was golden, so i tossed them into the pot, covered, and baked for 1 hour; basting when I thought of it (once).  While the chicken cooked I prepared spinach.  This recipe tastes so well with roasted potatoes too.  Quick, easy, successful when modified :-)
Tomorrow I'll pack the chicken breast with rice for lunches.

... Joan made me do it.

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