Cosmetics and Allergies

As earlier blogged I have allergies to a lot of cosmetics.  That's part of the reason all of my makeup is NARS and I am not interested in exploring outside the brand.

Before I continue I would like to preface that by far NARS has been the most hypo-allergenic experience I have had in any makeup line (others tried include: Clinique, MAC, Benefit, Cargo, Lancome, ...).

I have the most difficulty with creamy products and never am able to wear lipstick.  So, I was surprised when I was reaction-free with NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencils and the NARS Multiples.

I do have a strong makeup allergy against NARS lip lacquers (Chelsea Girls is so beautiful but I just can't wear it).
And after some testing I am certain that I am mildly allergic to their lip glosses (Belize is so gorgeous I will probably still wear it and take an anti-histamine [I'm sure only a true broad-spectrum allergy sufferer would understand]).
Putting it all together with some research I have learnt that the NARS lip lacquers and lip glosses contain lanolin oil (sheep) and I am allergic to lanolin :-(

The upside for those with lanolin allergies try:
NARS Multiples, and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

Oh. One more thing.  I am allergic to almost all sunscreens, so no products containing SPFs will be in this blog :-)

For more information on ingredients in your makeup check out:

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