Chilli con Carne p.31 of Happy Days with the Naked Chef

This recipe has become a Winter staple for me and my husband.  I usually make it on Sundays for a late lunch but it tastes so much better Monday as a packed lunch :-)  (I know it makes my husband happy and feel cared for to have a hearty hot lunch made by me for him to enjoy while at work; which is important.)

Jamie recommends serving it with crusty bread, tossed salad and guacamole.  When available I mash up some avocado to serve along-side; since Guacamole is not only tasty but an excellent choice for adding an enriched vitamin source for the body and skin.

The recipe itself is super easy and quick to prepare.  I would describe it as a tomatoe-based chilli; which I prefer to chillies of the "beany-meaty sludge" category.  I heat my high-sided frying pan on low heat, while chopping the 2 onions and garlic.  Add the oil, heat.  Turn the oven on to pre-heat at 300F . Toss into the pan the onions & garlic; add the cumin and chilli powder.  And once I add the beef to the pan; it's just a matter of browning it up; adding the other ingredients as directed.  Tossing it in the oven covered for 1 hour.  Pulling it out to add the drained and rinsed beans.  Cooking for 30 minutes longer and it's done.  Super-easy, nutritious comfort food.  One of the key ingredients that melds the flavours together is the hand-pasted sun-dried tomatoes in oil; I would try adding this to an already loved chilli recipe that you may have.

... Joan made me do it.

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