MAC 219 Pencil Brush versus NARS Number 14 Small Domed Eye brush

This is a follow-up to my earlier post on makeup brushes.

Despite already owning a MAC 219 and 219SB brush I again looked at the NARS Number 14 brush (NARS Small Domed Eye brush) and contemplated purchasing it.  This NARS brush was recommended to me by an International NARS makeup artist for placing shadow under the eye, which is a look that particularly suits me and my eye shape.  So, after after 3 months of putting the decision on the back burner I bought the NARS #14 brush.

I did a quick look comparison of the two brushes:
First the NARS brush handle is substantial but a little more elegant than my comparable MAC 219 brush.  The brush/hair on the NARS #14 is fuller, softer, and arguably looks more expensive than the MAC brush despite comparable costs (29.50CAD versus 27.00USD for NARS).

My quick performance test was simple:
Roll each brush lightly in eyeshadow, streak it in a single short segment across my arm.  Observe, then repeat to be sure.

RESULT:  The NARS #14 did an unquestionable better job at displacing the pigment from the brush evenly across the line streak with great/even displacement of eyeshadow throughout line thickness; wheres the MAC 219 brush left a much lighter mark and the mark trailed off quickly (meaning more pigment where the brush began it's stroke and considerably less even 1cm away).
... Joan made me do it.
NARS Cosmetics

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