Fruit Cobbler p.270 of Happy Days with the Naked Chef

After a quick assessment of fridge contents, I realized that dinner was destined to be light, and we needed 'something additional'.  Dessert! :-)
So, I decided to try Jamie Oliver's Fruit Cobbler recipe.  My husband took to the chopping board and I tossed him various available fruits, using the recipe as a guideline.  Apples, pear, kiwi, strawberries, grated half an apple.  I poured balsamic vinegar & sugar into a warming pan.  Then my husband tossed 'his work' in and added a container of blueberries.  While that simmered I quickly threw the butter, self-rising flour (this stuff is great), sugar, salt, and cream into a bowl and mixed with my hands.  We poured the fruit mixture (ready when berries burst) into a pretty glass baking dish and tossed on the crumble.  Baked 30 minutes.  So easy! So good!  Leftovers made for a delicious treat in lunches the next day :-)  (I took a picture and will publish an image later)

... Joan made me do it.

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