Today's Makeup Look 18 - NARS Portrait of Paradise Collection

I'm not sure if it's the blog or there really is a huge parallel between makeup and cooking recipes. These descriptions of how to use makeup products are often enticing like reading a drool-worthy cooking recipe.

For example:

How to use the new NARS Portrait of Paradise zippered compact
  1. Apply Laguna Bronzing Powder with the NARS Bronzing Brush. Starting at the forehead, roll brush down to the cheek and along the jaw line. Finish with a touch of color along the nose and chin.
  2. Using the NARS Blush Brush you can also sculpt the face by adding Albatross Highlighting Blush to brighten the face where light bounces off the skin (top of the cheek bone, brow bone, forehead and down the center of the nose).
  3. Apply Orgasm Blush on the apple of the cheeks, blending out along the cheekbone.


... Joan made me do it.

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