Today's Makeup Look 19

NARS Malibu (pink brown) Multiple on eyes, lips and cheeks.
NARS Jolie Poupée (violet and pearlescent purple) violet on lid and placed darker pearlescent purple on outer corner.
NARS Abysinnia  (pearl sheen) to blend edges into and over crease
NARS Lulu  (purple eggplant) as eyeliner on top of eye.
NARS Cordura  (sooty dark brown) lightly brushed under eyes.
NARS Luster (golden apricot) brushed along cheek bone.
NARS Blondie  (light taupe) eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows.
NARS Pandora (black) between lashes.
lip balm on lips.

... Joan made me do it.

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